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Steve Miller

Husband, father of three (!) teens, general manager, preacher, techie, all-around nice guy. Appalachian Mountain born, Florida Sunshine raised.


My Wife Rocks

As a man with a career, a ministry, a busy schedule, a wife, three teenagers, one or two adopted teenagers (that we feed and see regularly), three dogs, three geckos, […]

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A truly terrifying ordeal

My face was white and my hands were trembling as I sat in the driveway, the car not moving. My wife’s concern was written all over her face, and my […]

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Wok & Roll

Finding myself on a West Virginia vacation recently, I was blissfully full (homemade biscuits and gravy, Gino’s Pizza, the Chinese buffet, frozen custard)…and blissfully unaware of my weight gain.   […]

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Compare and Contrast

Question: What do the “Jax Physique Bodybuilding Competition” and Marriage Restored have in common? Answer: we shared the same hotel in Jacksonville this past weekend.   There’s nothing quite like […]

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Christmas in Shorts and a Sombrero

Sixteen years ago, after Jessica and I were married in the month of October, we lived near her family in Ohio. Jessica’s maiden name is Rodriguez, and our new family […]

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The Energizing Cycle

No, not another post about washing machines:  His love motivates her respect. Her respect motivates his love.

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Rough Water Surface, copy space


As in our own testimony, we saw the Lord use something terrible to piece back together something beautiful. My wife and I shed a few tears yesterday watching the baptismal […]

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The Battle of the Berserk Squirrel

“Visions of chewed up couches and curtains and screaming daughters and a wife kicked me into action.”    This morning was a normal morning for the most part. My son, […]

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Washing Machine

There’s an App For That

Honey? Honey. Honey! “Yes dear,” I replied.   “The washing machine quit spinning out again!” exclaimed my frustrated wife.  I was suddenly reminded of the last time it didn’t spin […]

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